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1. Color Wheel Fun - Author Barb Stephens

Fill in the colors on this flower. Color one of the three Primary Colors in each of the dark-edged petals. Secondary Colors are created by mixing two Primary Colors. Figure out which colors go between the primary colors?

Next to each color write either Primary or Secondary.

BLUE       __________________________
GREEN     __________________________
ORANGE   __________________________
PURPLE    __________________________
RED         __________________________
YELLOW   __________________________

2. Yarn Painting: Source- "Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts" Handbook

Yarn paintings are a beautiful way to combine colors and shapes. Many yarn paintings are of animals or flowers. Choose your subject for your yarn painting. You will need:

  1. Make an outline of your painting on the cardboard.
  2. Cover the outline with glue.
  3. Press a piece of yarn into the glue on the outline.
  4. Fill in small areas with glue and then the yarn, using your fingers and scissors to press the yarn pieces tightly together. Continue working until all the space in your painting is filled in with yarn.
  5. Let the glue dry and display your painting.

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