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List below are upcoming events & programs sponsored by the Girl Scouts of the Heart of New Jersey, Inc. (GSHNJ), the Berkeley Heights Service Unit (BHSU), the Berkeley Heights Community or a particular troop. These events are not troop specific. Individual Girl Scouts or troops are invited to participate in these events, as applicable. For specific troop activities, contact your troop leader [Troop Information link].

Highlights of Monthly Events/Programs & Other Info: For more details click on the appropriate link below:
Jan. 2011 Jan. 13th - SUM 7:30pm, CMS Media Center. Please Note Date Change. See Agenda

Jan. 21st - Daisy Teddy Bear Tea
Hosted by Troop 40100. Time 7:30pm.

Feb. 2011 Feb. 1st - Cookie Sale Begins

Feb. 3rd - SUM 7:30pm, CMS Media Center.

Feb. 12th - 6th Grade Buehler Challenger Trip
Hosted by Troop 40315.

Feb. 26th - World Thinking Day
Hosted by Troop 40242. This event will be held at the Berkeley Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (35 Cottage Street) from 1:00pm-3:00pm. This year's theme is "Empowering Girls Will Change Our World". The aim is to raise awareness of the inequalities that girls and women face and to empower them to take a stand against inequality. Troops in Grades 4 are needed to host a country booth. If your troop is interested in hosting a booth, please fill out the attached form and email by January 21st to Stephanie Skidmore at skids3@comcast.net

K-3rd graders are invited to travel the World and learn about different countries and their traditions, customs & foods. Girls will be given a passport and gift bag upon entrance. They will also complete a craft and be provided a snack during this event. The cost is $3/per girl. See attached Participation Form for more infomation.

Mar. 2011 Mar. 2nd - SUM 7:30pm, CMS Media Center. Please Note Date Change. See Agenda

Apr. 2011 Apr. 7th - SUM 7:30pm, CMS Media Center. See Agenda

Apr. 15th-17th - Encampment at Hoover
There will be activities for ALL levels. For example there will be 2 Nature Presentations, Wolf Visions and Rizzo's Wildlife. Each will last approximately 1 hour and the girls will be split by age. Rizzo's Wildlife will present a reptile/wildlife program for the younger girls and a wildlife conservation program for the older group. See attached Flyer. Overnight will be for 4th grade and up. There will be a day trip bus for any grade school girl that does not want to stay overnight. This event is on a first come, first serve basis for reservations and requests. If the Troop List and Payment are not received by 3/17, your reservation may not be honored. 4th grade troops have first dibs on cabin accommodations. This should be noted on the troop application.

Information to be included with Troop Application:
  • number of girls/adults participating (if this changes before the troop list is submitted, let me know)
  • workshop or activity you will be sponsoring for younger troops
  • activities your troop is interested in participating in (listed on application)
  • special requests (tent unit, troop you want to be paired with, etc.)
Due Dates:
  1. Troop application form - due March 10th
  2. Troop list and payment - due March 17th
  3. Training card copies - due March 17th
The Camp Hoover day trip is a TROOP event to give girls an opportunity to see what Hoover has to offer. Older troops will be running a number of activities for the younger scouts. Each troop should have a contact for this event, this can be a troop leader, but might be someone else. If your troop does not have a first aider attending the event, be sure to note this on the application form.

Attached are the following files for the Day Trip:
  1. Event flyer
  2. Permission slip
  3. Troop application form
  4. Troop list
  1. Troop Application due March 18
  2. Troop List and payment due March 24
Bus transportation is on a first-come-first-served service. Permission slip should be completed by the troop leader before forwarding to your attendees. A copy of the completed permission slip should be returned to me.

Please contact Margaret Illis if you have questions - tel: 665-1741, email: margaret.illis@gmail.com. Forms can be dropped off at 102 Twinn Falls Road. The Troop Application can be sent by email, if it is easier. Training card copies can also be emailed.

May 2011 May 5th - SUM 7:30pm, CMS Media Center. See Agenda

May 6th - Someone Special and Me Dance
Hosted by Troop 40919. For K-4th graders. To be held at Columbia Middle School from 7:00pm-9:30pm. Cost $30 per couple and $10 per extra girl. Registration is due by April 8th. It is a Wizard of Oz theme. The Dominos will again be doing nails for the girls in the afternoon on Thursday, May 5th as a Relay-for-Life Fundraiser see attached Flyer. Contact Jean Unger 908-665-2241. See attached Flyer/Registration.

May 15th - Silver Award Project Troop 40922 - Cookbook
We would like you to help us on our journey for our Silver Award. Our goal is to have our legacy live on in a Cookbook, What's Cookin' Good Lookin'!, to share with our friends and family. That's where YOU come in. We would like you to send in your favorite family recipes. We are looking for all kinds of recipes, even one's for Camp Hoover. Thank you for contributing to help us succeed in our Silver Award! See attached Flyer. Please submit your recipes by May 15, 2011. If you have any questions please e-mail us at troop40922@gmail.com

May 30th - Memorial Day Parade
If girls from your troop are interested in marching in the parade please arrive on Locust Ave. (in front of VFW hall) Monday, May 30th between 8:45 and 9 am. The parade begins at 9:30am. They will provide us with small flags for the girls to hand out along the parade route. Please wear your vest and sneakers. If you have any questions please contact Lisa Campbell at Fleasa@comcast.net.

Note: if this isn't a troop event, a parent must stay with the girls who are marching.

Jun. 2011 Jun. 8th - BHSU New Logo Contest
Keep those designs coming!!! Just a reminder the designs for the new Berkeley Heights GS logo - Achieve New "Heights" in Girl Scouts is due by June 8th. Black and white design on 8x10 paper. Winning design will be announced June 9th at the BHGS award dinner. New logo and design will be on our BHGS town t-shirts and winning girl's troop will receive FREE t-shirt. Please get all designs to Deb Knapp (134 Twin Falls Road) by June 8th.

Jun. 9th - BHSU Awards
Co-Chairs Stephanie Henderson and Cathy Pitingolo. To be held at 6:30pm at Mount Carmel Hall. There are about 60 girls that are getting their bronze, silver, and gold awards. It is a dinner and dessert event. Cost is $15 per girl and $20 per adult. See attached Invitation/Registration Form.

June 12 (Sun) - End of Year GS Pool Party
Chair - Deb Knapp. To be held at the BH Community Pool from 10am to 12pm. Bring a friend or recruitment as well as the end of the year party for ALL girls scout party.

June 16 - End of Year Leader Party
To be held at Deb Knapp's house. It is for any leaders, treasurers, secretaries, etc to come and celebrate a great year.

June 18th-19th - Teen/Tween Self Esteem Program
This event will be run by Senior troop 40748. It will be an overnight event from 7:30pm (Sat) to 8:00am (Sun). It will be held at the BH YMCA and a Pizza dinner, Bagel breakfast and snacks will be served. It is geared toward present 5th-7th graders. There will be fun games and activities (including a movie) centered around middle school experences to boost self esteem and confidence in girls. This is not a troop event and is open to all girls (do not have to be a girl scout to participate), however it can be run as a troop event. For girls scouts this event will also count as a Journey. The goal is to help the girls complete the Amaze Journey, which is a pre-requisite to the bronze award. The cost will be $28. See attached Flyer/Registration Form. For more info please contact Susan O'Donnell at susan@hatch.org.

Other Info: Information on the Berkeley Heights Girl Scouts Campership Fund
World Thinking Day Sample Passport from 2002
Requested: Donations of Supplies for Camp Hoover
GSHNJ Empty Printer Cartridges & Old Cell Phones Donations

Berkeley Heights Girl Scouts Campership Fund
In January 2001 our Service Unit formed the Berkeley Heights Girl Scouts Campership Fund. It started with the generous donations of Girl Scout Families and has been funded since by troops in our community who wanted to make a difference. The fund makes money available to the Girl Scouts in our community who wish to participate in Summer Resident Camp or other overnight programs sponsored by our Service Unit but for whom these programs are simply not affordable.

Sometimes I think it's hard for us to realize that in this community there are girls who are in need and I'm very proud that the Berkeley Heights Girl Scouts have not lost sight of this issue. Establishing this fund and helping these girls by keeping it well funded holds a special place in my heart and I'm hoping I can count on you to help me in my efforts.

By now, everyone should have a good idea of how they did with their cookies. If each troop can contribute $25 of their cookie profits towards the Campership Fund we should be in good shape. This very small donation will make a huge difference if every troop contributes. With summer coming rapidly I ask that you take a quick moment to send a check to BHGS Campership Fund and mail to me.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (jenlombardi@comcast.net or 665-0047) ...if your question is can you give more than $25 - the answer is YES!

Thanks as always for your support!

Jen Lombardi

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Donations for Camp Hoover
Camp Hoover is asking for your help in gathering supplies to be used throughout the year and during the Resident Camp season. Your donations will make it possible for us to improve the 328 acre site and provide everyone with the necessary supplies for a happy camping trip. If you are interested in making a donation, please call 908-232-3236 ext. 1225 to arrange a pick up or drop off. If you are not sure, just call and we'll let you know if it is usuable. Thank you in advance for your help! See Wish List Below:

General Supplies:
Pots, pans, cooking equipment, cutting boards, baking trays, microwaves, mixers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, refrigerators (large & small), coffee pots, etc.

Maintenance Supplies:
Hand saws, rakes, shovels, gardening equipment, push mowers, tools of any kind.

Camping Equipment:
2-3 person tents, sleeping bags, mess kits, internal or external backpacks, propane stoves, tarps, firebuckets.

Arts & Crafts Supplies:
Used sewing machines, crayons, markers, scissor, sewing supplies, empty baby food jars, fabric, felt, leather, wax, wood pieces, popsicle sticks, beads, etc.

Program Supplies:
Board games, roller skates, legos, baseballs, soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, jump ropes, hula hopes, costumes & props, etc.

Outdoor Supplies:
Picnic tables, benches, pocket knives, etc.

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Memorial Day Parade
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